Travel Stories

My name is Trevor Quinlan, I would like to thank the JA Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport (YQY) for reaching out and allowing me to share stories about my travel. I am currently a Registered Nurse working in emergency. I am extremely lucky to have the job I have which allows me to not only get time off to travel, but also allows me to travel to work.

My name is Lynzee MacNeil. Thank you YQY for reaching out to me and taking an interest in my travels. I’m extremely fortunate to have a family that has always enjoyed and encouraged traveling.

My first big trip was on a ski vacation to Mount Saint Anne, Quebec when I was 6. My family and I continued to enjoy ski vacations. Growing up, we spent our March Breaks skiing in Killington, Vermont, Sunday River, Maine, and appreciated a phenomenal vacation skiing in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Meredith Higgins

My name is Meredith Higgins, a country girl who grew up in Mira, Cape Breton. I am very proud to say I am from Cape Breton, in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I spend a lot of time hiking and sightseeing, taking in all the beauty this island has to offer. I love showing friends new places, packing my bag to hike for the day and attempting to capture the moment with my camera or iPhone. I completed my Bachelor of science nursing at CBU. A highlight from that time was our trip to Ecuador.