Hangar/Warehouse Space for Rent (7125 sq feet)

The Provincial hanger has the following features:

  • A propane fire heating system that provides space heating through four suspended unit heaters.
  • A general mechanical exhaust system that can be used for general ventilation of the building.
  • Separate Boiler and Electrical rooms that are complete with one hour fire rated enclosures.

Power Services:

  • New 200A-347/600V -3 Phase – 4 Wire entrance c/w bulk metering, 45 Kva – 600V to 120/208V – 3 Phase – 4 wire, dry type transformer, and 60 circuit general light and power breakered panel board.


  • Interior lighting consists of all new 4’ long, 2 lamp industrial style fluorescent fixtures c/w solid state electronic ballasts and T8 lamps.
  • Exterior lighting consists of all new LED wall packs c/w built-in photo-cell control on all four perimeter walls.

General Power:

  • General usage 20A – 120V “Tee slot” duplex receptacles on all perimeter walls on approximately 20’ centres.
  • On each of the exterior perimeter walls, one 20A – 120V “Tee slot” duplex receptacles c/w built-in GFI protection.
  • Power supplies and hook-ups for three hangar doors and one shipping/receiving door.
  • Power supply and hook-up for hoist in storage area.
  • Power supplies and hook-ups for heating boiler; circulating pumps; four unit heaters; and storage area exhaust system.
  • Power supply and hook-up for electrical room “reverse acting” cooling exhaust fan.
  • Exit and Emergency Lighting:
    • Self contained exit lights c/w two emergency lighting heads over the two exit man doors out of the building

Hangar Apron - Rehabilitated in 2015.

New siding – March 2012

New Overhead Doors – Mar 2012

New roof – March 2012

Constructed mid 1970’s

A smaller overhead door on the front of the building

95’ X 75’ – 7,125 sq ft

Plumbing – underground drainage service – likely 4” or larger; if activities result in discharge of oils or petroleum based products into the drainage system, an oil separator is necessary.

Domestic water entrance ¾

Contact: Bret Parlee, Manager Facilties J.A. Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport for more information - 902-564-7720 / Bret.parlee@sydneyairport.ca