Trevor Quinlan - "Coats for Kids" Founder - Frequent Traveller

My name is Trevor Quinlan, I would like to thank the JA Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport (YQY) for reaching out and allowing me to share stories about my travel. I am currently a Registered Nurse working in emergency. I am extremely lucky to have the job I have which allows me to not only get time off to travel, but also allows me to travel to work. I just recently started travel nursing which will allow me to explore more of the country, and possibly internationally.

My first trip was part of a travel group in grade 9, a group of approx. 40 of us took a bus and went to Quebec and Ontario, being a 14 year old at that time, it amazed me that there were other things to see in the world other than the small city we lived in. This sparked my interest in travelling at a young age. My travelling was then on a halt for some time as school and working had taken over.

In 2008, I started my Bsc at CBU and the following year switched into the BscN program. My first big trip was in 2011, where I went to Australia, my first eye opening international trip, which was the bookmark to my fascination of travelling. Leaving Cape Breton with 2 feet of snow and arriving to 30+ degree weather and being sunburnt/ forgetting my sunglasses within 24 hours amazed me (this has also been my longest flight to date).

After my third year of Nursing I had the opportunity to back pack Western Europe with my best friend and explored Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, France and Spain experiencing my first hostel experience and seeing many famous and fascinating world structures. Immediately after graduating I planned a trip to Thailand where I explored many famous beaches and got to ride my first elephant – it amazed me how soft natured these massive animals are.

After this trip I set a goal for myself to see the 7 World Wonders before the age of 30. From there I was able to explore Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day and see the museums and property of the Royal family in London, U.K. From there I made a South America trip to see Machu Picchu, which was incredible the history and how this village was hand made, and used to such detail. While being in South America I continued on to Argentina and Brazil to see Christ the Redeemer, it was a cloudy day so my pictures did not turn out as well as I had liked. From there I took a trip to the Scandinavian countries to try and fit into my blonde hair blue eyes appearance.

I then took some time away from travelling as I purchased a house in the Halifax area. Once getting settled after that huge purchase I continued to check the boxes off to my initial goal. I then planned a trip to China to see the Great Wall, which is probably my top wonder, and I was in awe standing and experiencing this in real life. From there I went to South Korea and had my first Korean BBQ. That next spring I went on my trip to Egypt, Jordan and Israel where I got to see the Pyramids, Petra and the Church of the Nativity all of which were interesting in their own ways. My last trip was to India to see the Taj Mahal, which was another incredible experience to see what a husband did for his one true love, a structure of perfection, the weather in India wasn’t what I expected so I ended my trip in 4 days of sun in Dubai.

As many of my trips have been taken solo, I have learned many things along the way. First being if you wait for the perfect opportunity, that may never come- so live your life today and do the things you want to do. I try to live by this example and that’s why I decide to travel alone, I go when I want and don’t need to wait for other people. Secondly I’ve learned that we take many things for granted here in Canada from not getting that cell phone for Christmas to waiting 4 hours in an emergency department. These are things people in other countries don’t even think of. Along with materialistic things people take for granted, we take for granted rights and freedoms. I have been to countries where it is illegal to express yourself, love who you want or deviate from the ‘norm’, which is defined by governmental bodies.

I have not only loved each and every one of my trips, but I have learned something about others or myself including cultures each and every time. No amount of money or new cars or giant houses can compare to the people I have met, meals I have had and places I have seen. I hope everyone get the opportunity to take that trip they have always wanted to take with no regrets. And to finalize this bit of the story, I have since gotten my first tattoo ‘adventure.’ On my forearm, which represents the future adventures I will have in the remainder of my life, after saying I would never get one.

As for my next goal or trip, is I would like to backpack Eastern Europe in the late spring and see 30 countries before the age of 30. My mother does not know this yet, and gets nervous every time I say I have a trip planned.