12 Day Journey Across Canada

Community Meredith

My name is Meredith Higgins, a country girl who grew up in Mira, Cape Breton. I am very proud to say I am from Cape Breton, in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I spend a lot of time hiking and sightseeing, taking in all the beauty this island has to offer. I love showing friends new places, packing my bag to hike for the day and attempting to capture the moment with my camera or iPhone. I completed my Bachelor of science nursing at CBU. A highlight from that time was our trip to Ecuador. A group led by two of our nursing profs fundraised to make the ten day nursing focused trip possible. What an unforgettable learning experience ! I remember when we landed on home soil, one of our parents greeted the group at the airport with a sign “welcome home CBU nurses”. Feeling emotional after all we have experienced, tears of joy came streaming down my face.

When I graduated, I started my career and the Cape Breton regional emergency department. Since working there for almost 3 years along with excellent co-workers, I have decided to take on something new. My childhood friend Leah and I said goodbye to our families, packed up our belongings, and made way via Jeep across the country to British Columbia to start travel nursing. On our 12 day journey across Canada, highlights included parliament hill, Niagra Falls, downtown Toronto, Lake Louise, Jasper, Stanley park and Capilano Suspension bridge. We are now practicing in a small coastal community and so far it’s been nothing short of beautiful. Traveling has provided an opportunity for growth not only as an individual but also as a nurse. I will always be proud to call Cape Breton my home, and am forever thankful for the loving support system who got me where I am today.